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Tritium presents no external radiation threat when encapsulated in non-hydrogen-permeable containers due to its low penetration depth, which is insufficient to penetrate intact human skin.The primary danger from tritium arises if it is inhaled, ingested, injected or otherwise absorbed into the body.

<strong>Corporate Gift</strong>

Corporate Gift

The Nite Glowring with corporate branded tag is the ideal gift for your customers. It’s one of those unique and useful products that customers always keep and appreciate and why they will be constantly reminded of your business every single day.

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Become a Reseller

Join us to become our reseller of this fast-selling product. Contact us for more details.

<strong>Worldwide Shipping</strong>

Worldwide Shipping

We packed and shipped the glowrings carefully and provide shipping to every corner of the World with tracked postage, so you will always be updated on the status of your shipment.

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